Top Spots to Place Your Hunting Camera

A hunting camera is not going to stumble through your bedding area, leave scents or exaggerate on the size of a buck. It is important to place your hunting camera in the perfect spots to help you how exactly about the buck you are looking for. There are many different hunting cameras that can be found at but finding the perfect camera is not the only answer, as you must place them correctly in order for them to do their job correctly.

Hunting Cameras Are Not Your Same Old Point and Shoot Cameras Any Longer

A hunting camera is not a 35 mm film point-and-shoot camera any longer where you had to run and get the film developed in order to see the pictures. You also do not have to leaf through handfuls of shots to find the one shot you are looking for. Today’s hunting cameras have sharp lenses, electronic circuit boards and memory cards that hold thousands of pictures than can be downloaded to your computer. A high-end hunting camera will send photos to your cellphone or laptop.

When and Where to Place Cameras

Your goal with the use of a hunting amcrest security camera is to learn about the deer on your property and figure out where to find them. Before you even buy a hunting camera, you can determine ideal spots to place them, which many times will determine what model of hunting camera is best for you.

Late Summer 

Late in the summer is a good time to start getting an inventory of deer numbers and on your property. You should find a spot with heavy deer traffic.

Early Season

Early in the season is a good time to find deer after velvet shed because this is when they will start to relocate. Mock deer can draw up to 90% of the deer you will hunt. If you are not getting clear shots of deer, you should try aiming the camera in a different direction.

trail camera


This is the time when you should determine where resident deer are traveling to. This is also the time that you should determine if any other deer are traveling through the area. It is important that you mount your Hunting camera at a 45-degree angle to the trail. Deer are going to move through funnels at a quick speed and a camera set perpendicular to the trail is most likely going to miss getting a shot of the deer.

Late Season

Late in the season is the time when you want to find out where to fill a last-minute tag. This is also the time when you want to know which deer have survived throughout the hunting season. You should place the hunting camera within 30 feet of the most heavily trafficked area. You should always set up and check the hunting camera at midday so you do not spook any feeding deer. If there are not any trees that are located near the food source, you should mount the Hunting camera on a tripod and hide it with grass or brush.

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Keeping Kids Safe at School

In today’s crazy world, the safety of student’s while they are traveling to and from and while they are in school is a serious problem. The safety of many students is jeopardized every single day. One way to help with keeping students safe is the use of a wireless security camera. Amcrest has a wide variety of wireless security cameras to keep students safety while they are traveling to and from and while they are at school.

wireless security camera

School Safety Concerns

The safety of children while they are at school is a top concern for many people. When you send your children to school, you want them to stay safe, period. A wireless security camera can be an important part of a school’s security system.

Wireless Security Cameras Can Keep Others Safe

The cameras can help to monitor the different activities going on. The cameras can also help to spot trouble as it is occurring. Sometimes, you may want to place wireless security cameras in places to warn students, staff and visitors that they are being monitored. When others see cameras in place, it is going to make them deter bad behavior. Sometimes you may want to put security cameras in places where others do not know they are there. A wireless security camera can catch thieves, vandals and bullies while they are in the act. The video from the camera will help schools and the police to identify all people involved in the wrong doing. The video will also help schools and the police to see exactly what happened. Another big feature that you can do with wireless security cameras is to put them on buses when the students are traveling to and from school. The cameras can help to keep the students and bus drivers safe all at the same time.

Security Cameras for Visitor Management System

A wireless security camera can also help with creating a visitor management system for the school. The wireless security cameras can be placed at all entrances to let the staff know when a visitor comes into the school. The cameras can also be used to make sure all visitors that come into the school are checking into the office. When visitors enter a school you always want to make sure they check in with staff, register at the front desk and follow school rules about contact with students while they are in the school building. You also want to make sure that the visitors leave when they are supposed to be leaving.

Live Monitoring with Wireless Security Cameras

One of the biggest benefits of modern security cameras is the ease of live video camera monitoring. You can have actual security officers watching the video of security cameras as things are actually happening.  The use of remote control and mobile viewing can even be used with many of these types of security cameras.


The safety of students while at school should be of utmost importance. Installing wireless security cameras on buses and throughout schools is the best way to keep everyone safe. You cannot go wrong in installing and using wireless security camera.

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WiFi IP Camera: Are You Safe Against Digital Snooping

The use of a WiFi IP camera is all good but you need to make sure that you are going to be safe from people digitally snooping once you start using them. Before you purchase a WiFi IP camera, you must make sure you know what security features are on them to keep you safe from intruders. Many WiFI IP cameras can be found at but it is important that you do you research to get the correct one that is going to serve your needs and keep you safe at the same time.

wireless ip camera

Do Your Research

A WiFi IP camera will let you monitor your home using specific software through the Internet but if you are not careful, other people could be viewing your video feed. You do not want other people to be watching what it going on in and around your house. Before purchasing a WiFi IP camera, make sure that you thoroughly look at all the security features that come along with it. There are three things to look for:

  • Secure wireless transmission
  • Secure Internet transmission
  • How multiple users can connect

Secure Wireless Transmission

If you are sending the feed to your home wireless router, make sure the IP camera supports a wireless security protocols, such as WPA2.

Secure Internet Transmission

If you are accessing the WiFi IP camera feed remotely, make sure the camera is going to encrypt your personal information and all of the live feeds that will be going through the Internet. You want to make sure the camera uses SSL/TLS – this means all of your information is going to be secure.

Multiple Users

If you want multiple users using the feeds, make sure you have different levels set up to access the information. You may not want everyone that has access to be able to change settings and change how the camera is facing and such. There may be times when you want someone to look at your feeds but not at all times.

Using Security Features

Make sure you set up your WiFi IP camera with the security features. The following steps should always be completed before using the camera:

  • Keep the software up-to-date at all times
  • Check the camera’s password settings
  • Use a strong password that is not typical in any means
  • Enable all of the camera’s security features

Accessing Camera from your Phone

Before you access your feed from a phone, make sure that all of the same security features are in place for mobile accessibility. The following items should be checked before opening up the app on your phone:

  • Confirm that the WiFi IP camera app is completely up-to-date
  • Make sure you set up a strong password that is not typical
  • Log out of the app whenever you are not using it
  • Make sure your phone has a strong password on it
  • Always use a secure WiFi connection when accessing the app

Accessing your amcrest security IP camera is a great tool but always make sure you are safe. It is best to not use the mobile app from a public WiFi hotspot.