Windows and Doors Safety

If you are looking for a Wifi security camera to keep your home safe, you need to look no further than Amcrest. Besides using a camera, it is also a good idea to make sure that the windows and doors in your home are kept locked and not able to be broken into. The following article will talk about keeping your home safe so others cannot get in when they should not be doing so.


It is important to keep your home from becoming a target and take steps to protect yourself. You must educate yourself and plan. The following steps are good way to get started on keeping your home safe from intruders.


You do not want to make your windows an easy access in order to get into your home. You need to make sure to:

  • Always lock windows, even windows that are not on the first level.
  • Use secondary locking devices on windows in order to prevent them from opening past a certain height.
  • Make sure that windows have vibration or glass-break sensors connected to your alarm system.
  • Consider solar screens on your windows which will save on your cooling bill but also allow you more privacy and prevent people from looking in your windows and viewing your home. Solar screens also screwed into your window frame, which will make than more difficult for an intruder to remove.
  • Look into anti-break window film as an option for your windows. If you have glass doors, they need to be double-paned and laminated.
  • Basement windows should have bars or anti-break window film over them.
  • Secure any windows where air conditioning units are attached.
  • Put dowel rods in the track of your sliding glass door in order to prevent them from being opened if the lock is bypassed in some way.
  • Secure skylights or roof access with hardware that is upgraded or with the use of anti-break window film.
  • Be cautious of the shrubs that are surrounding any exterior windows. Sharp shrubs will discourage entry points around windows.
  • Always trim your exterior bushes in order to prevent hiding places.
  • Trim any tree limbs that allow second story or roof access.


You do not want to make your doors an easy access in order to get into your home. You need to make sure to:

  • Use solid-core exterior doors including in your garage.
  • Exterior doors should all have deadbolts.
  • Install wide-angle peepholes in exterior doors and use them before answering the door but cover them up when not in use.
  • Purchase anti-kick door solutions to prevent forced entry.
  • Door chains are not going to do much good.
  • All locks should be high security locks.
  • Install longer screws (3” screws) indoor jambs and hinges.
  • Have spare keys hidden in uncommon places outside your home or with a neighbor.


It is important to keep an uneasy access to your home. Besides making sure access is not easy, you may also want to invest in a Wifi security camera, such as through Amcrest.

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Top 10 Convenience Store Safety Tips

There are many different things you can do as a business owner to keep your convenience store safe. One of the major ways to do so is with the use of a wireless security camera, which many can be found from Amcrest. When you are ready to go ahead with getting one of these amcrest cameras for your store, you need to check out of the variety of cameras that can be found there to help keep your convenience store as safe as possible.


If you follow a security and safety plan, you can come a long way in preventing a robbery, as well as making sure your convenience store employees are prepared to do the right thing in case of a robbery.


Convenience stores usually experience a higher level of turnover, so it is important to stick to a regular training schedule to make sure everyone has the same level of experience should a robbery situation occur.

Bullet Resistant Barriers

Bullet resistant barriers are recommended for convenience stores because the chances of criminal activity are huge especially between dusk and dawn. You need to have a system that allows for maximum safety.

Visibility of Employees From Outside

It is important to make sure your store is stocked with merchandise but you always need to make sure the merchandise does not block the view to the outside. If robbers can see your employees from the parking lot, criminal will be less likely to happen.


You need to make sure the convenience store parking lot well lit. A brightly lit parking lot area will make the robbers less confident.

Good Security Cameras

You need to make sure your store has wireless security cameras throughout the store. You can literally watch the cameras from inside an office if need be.

Uniformed Employees

Employees need to wear store uniforms so there would not be any confusion in case of a robbery of who is who.

Panic Buttons

Panic buttons are installed in convenience stores to alert police of a robbery. They should be used after a robbery has happened. If the button is pushed too soon, you could be triggering a hostage situation if the police show up during the robbery.

Money Available in Register

You never want to have too much money in your cash register at one time. If the store is robbed with a large amount, then the robber may think they can get the same score at another store and it will encourage them to try again.

Deterring Robbery Attempts

Stickers should be placed on the front door of the store for any safety elements you have in place in your store. Doing this will let the robber know up front and they will think twice about entering into your store and trying to rob it.

Cooperate With Robber

Robbers should be given your full cooperation at all times. The store will be able to recoup the loss. You do not want to do anything to increase the odds of injury.

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Tips on Securing Your Driveway

It is very important to make sure that your home is safe. One way in keeping your home safe is with the use of a Wifi security camera. There are many companies that specialize in the Wifi security camera, such as Amcrest.

wireless ip camera

First Thing Seen

The first thing that people see when they come upon your home is your driveway. Just as we like to keep our homes safe, we should also want to keep our driveways safe because this is how people are going to enter onto our property. It is very important that you keep your driveway as safe as possible. You do not want unwanted people to enter onto your properly through your driveway that and not know about it. The main thing that you can do to know when unwanted people pull up in your driveway is to install a Wifi security camera.

Keeping Your Vehicles Safe

There are many people that like to park their vehicles in their driveways, which is another great reason to have a Wifi security camera installed in the driveway area. You do not want to walk out of your house in the morning when going to work only to realize that someone has ransacked your vehicle. The point with these security cameras is to keep you, your home and all of your property safe and secure at all times.

Where to Install Cameras

Where you decide to install the Wifi security camera is going to be up to you and how your property is organized and structured. You also need to decide if you want others to see the security camera or if you want the camera in a hidden spot. Believe it or not, when many people just see that you have a security camera on your property that is going to keep them away from wanting to wrongly come into your property. One good place to install a Wifi security camera is going to be in the front of your garage. You can also place it someone on the side of your house, a light post, mailbox, etc. If you are trying to catch people in the act of their wrong doing, you are going to want to try and install the Wifi security camera is a place that is hidden. No matter where you place the camera, just make sure that the camera is being monitored.


Installing a Wifi security camera in the area of the driveway of your home is a great idea. The security camera is going to help keep you, your loved ones, your home and all of your property safe and secure at all times. You do not have to have any wires connected with the use of these cameras. You simply put up the camera and you will be able to monitor the video from the camera no matter what you are at (even if you are on vacation). Many times, when people see you have video surveillance, they are going to stay away from your home.

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More Than a Wifi security camera

You definitely want to install a Wifi security camera in and around your home but there are many other things that you can do to keep your property and loved ones safe. There are many places, such as Amcrest that will have just the right Wifi security camera to fit your needs.

Burglaries are Going to Happen

Sadly, in today’s world, burglaries are going to happen. Even though burglaries have dropped steadily for the past 20 years because of home surveillance amcrest security cameras, they are going still happen. There are still over 2,000,000 victims of break-ins every single year. If you want to avoid becoming part of this crazy statistic, there are a number of things you can do to make your home less vulnerable to theft besides the obvious one of installing a Wif security camera in and around your home. There are many low-cost home improvements and common-sense practices that will help you keep your home safe.

  • Have window and door shades up and in use in all windows. This is going to make it difficult for unwanted visitors to see if you are home or not.
  • Make sure all locks on all doors and windows are in working order. Make sure to look all doors and windows, especially when you are not home or are sleeping.
  • Install interior lights, television and radio timers. The point of this is to make others think that someone is at home when you actually are not.
  • Install motion-controlled outdoor lighting. There is nothing more suspicious to burglars than a porch light that is left on over a long period of time.
  • You do not want to have any bushes and shrubs that are in the way of an open window or door. Intruders are going to try and hide behind large bushes and shrubs. It may be best to have thorny bushes in these areas.
  • Start a block watch group in your neighborhood. These groups are very effective because they encourage others to be vigilant and to call the police whenever they see something that does not seem right.
  • Always keep garage doors closed, even if you are at home. If you leave your garage door open, burglars are going to see what all you have in your garage and can make a plan for a later time. You can also drill holes in garage door tracks and insert a padlock, to prevent the garage door from being forced open.
  • Do not put a message on your answering machine letting others know that you are away from your home. Never put a note on the door letting others know you are away (even if it is for a package). Also, never post on social media when you are away from your home, believe it or not, people you know will also rob you.
  • Keep car doors locked and never leave valuables in plain sight.
  • Do not leave ladders in plain sight, as they are an invitation to burglars.

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Top Benefits of a WiFi Camera

With the ease of technology in today’s’ age, there is nothing more bothersome than having to hook up a amcrest security camera to your computer. There is no need to hook up a camera to a computer with the ease of a WiFi camera. There are a wide variety WiFi cameras that are available from Amcrest for all of your security camera needs.

wifi security camera

Why Choose a WiFi Camera

A WiFi camera makes it possible to transfer photos wirelessly from a digital camera to your computer. Just think, you can email photos and videos that you have taken on your WiFi camera while you are still on vacation. If you want the resolution to stay as good as possible and want a wired connection, you can easily still use a wired connection at any time. With the use of a WiFi camera, you can even set them up so where things will automatically be downloaded onto your computer.

Benefits of WiFi Cameras

The main benefit you are going to get out of a WiFi camera as compared to regular digital cameras is that you are not going to have to deal with the cords and having to physically hook the camera up to your computer and download your items. With the ease of a WiFi camera, you can easily download all of your items from the camera to your computer with the touch of a simple button. Believe it or not, there are other benefits you are going to get out of a WiFi camera which include:

•    Quick access to storage
•    Ability to share things with one simple step
•    You can set your WiFi camera up so that items are deleted once they have been downloaded to your computer
Downfalls of WiFi Cameras

WiFi cameras are not reliable when it comes to maintaining battery power when they are connected to the Internet. So, if you have them connection to the Internet, make sure that you have a power source readily available. Another downfall with a WiFi camera is that you must make sure that you have a place to connect to and if the connection is not strong, the items may not download correctly. If security and privacy are important to you, you also need to be careful when letting the items automatically be download in public areas, such as a library or coffee shop. Even though there are some downfalls with WiFi cameras, they are definitely the way of the future.

WiFi Video Cameras

Photo cameras are not the only camera types to use WiFi technology. Many different webcams and security cameras use the technology of WiFi as well. You can literally be on vacation and be able to see the videos of your home’s security system. You can simply log into your home’s computer and check the videos out. You can place the WiFi camera in hidden areas of your home without wires and be able to see everything that is going on in and around your home. Many of the WiFi cameras even come with a feature where you will receive an e-mail or text message when the camera senses any type of motion.

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Tips to Picking Out Your Next WiFi Security Camera

If you are looking for a wifi security camera, you may be quite impressed on the variety on cameras there are to choose from. You do not want to just pick one and go with it. You want to get a WiFi security camera that is going to work for you, your home or business. When looking for a WiFi security camera, check out Amcrest for a wide variety of selections to best meet your needs.

wifi security camera

Variety of Different WiFi Security Cameras Available

There are different types of WiFi security cameras that you can choose from, which include:

•    Infrared WiFi security cameras
•    Dome WiFi security cameras
•    Pro box WiFi security cameras
•    Pan tilt zoom WiFi security cameras
•    Hidden WiFi security cameras

Infrared WiFi Security Camera

Infrared WiFi security cameras are popular for both home and business use. The cameras offer a high resolution color video during the day. They are able to automatically switch from color to black and white depending upon the type of light available. They are great in both low-light or no-light situations. The amcrest security cameras can also be weatherproofed and can withstand extreme temperatures.

Dome WiFi Security Camera

Domed cameras offer an additional degree of surveillance because people cannot actually see where the lens of the camera is actually pointing. The smoked cover on the cameras does not affect its picture quality in any way. You get a clear color high resolution picture with the camera.

Pro Box WiFi Security Camera

These security cameras are known for their high video quality. These security cameras are found in grocery stores, banks, convenience stores, department stores, and the like.  The lenses can be switched depending upon the viewing angle and zoom that is needed. The cameras can be switched from color during the day to black and white in the evening.

Pan Tilt Zoom WiFi Security Camera

These cameras can be controlled through a DVR, remote viewing software or a joystick. The cameras can go up, down, left and right. The cameras also have capability to zoom in and out. They can be programmed to look at certain areas at certain times of the day. You will find these types of cameras at airports, casinos and large-scale department stores. These are not cheap cameras but they will get the job done.

Hidden WiFi Security Camera

These are the top-notch security cameras. They are used in areas where you do not want someone to know there is a camera. The cameras may look like clocks, smoke detectors and such. These cameras offer a low level of performance in low light and are not weatherproof. You will find these cameras in hotels, pharmacies and homes.
Analog, AHD, HD-SDI, HD-CVI, HD-TVI and IP WiFi Security Cameras

You should always look for a security camera that offers a high resolution, so you know you are getting superior quality. Infrared weatherproof bullet cameras are most popular security cameras for outdoor use. Dome cameras are the most popular type of security camera for indoor use.

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