Secured In Two Places at the Same Time

Have you ever wanted to be in two places at the same time? this might be one of your childhood dreams, which now can be fulfilled. We do not necessarily mean physically being in two place, but your dream can still come true. With the IP cameras we offer you can be outside of home and still be there. This is possible because we have cutting edge cameras, which allow you to observe every corner of your home, even when you are miles and miles away from it. Our IP security cameras are simple, reliable and secure.

This three features are why our security cameras are one of the most likeable amongst the target group.

  • Simple: we believe that only simple can be genius. Simplicity makes perfection and our IP cameras are perfect. Regardless the fact that they have complex construction, features and functions, for a customer all of them should be easy to do. We want every one of you to experience what it is like to have the perfection at home, that’s why we made it simple.
  • Reliable: trusting your security camera is important. If it is not reliable enough, you lose your chance to be in two places at the same time. Relax, we won’t make it happen! Our security cameras will prove your expectations. It will let you know about any potential threat, every detail will be recorded and you will get alert calls in the most convenient way for you.
  • Secure: insuring security is our ultimate goal and the top priority. So, there is no doubt we created IP security cameras to secure you from any unwanted accidents. You are totally safe with our security cameras.

If you want to be in to places at the same time, you have to be secured twice as much and nothing can provide you this luxury, but our IP security cameras.

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Buying outdoor IP cameras

Have you ever wondered, how can you choose a prefect product for yourself? At the first sight, it might not seem so hard, but just think about it, market for basically every product is growing day by day, new technologies are developed and new methods invented. In this big range of products, you might need some advice and some articles, just like this one, to help you with your decision. In this article we are going to talk about one product in particular and it is going to be outdoor IP cameras and the things you need to know before you purchase one. Here are some basic tips and pieces of information you should have prior to buying outdoor IP cameras.

•General description:  before you buy any product, you need to know what they are, why it will be useful in you and how you should use them. Outdoor IP cameras are internet protocol cameras that are used for security and surveillance. As the name itself tells you, they are installed outdoors and are usually used to keep the home and property safe from intruders and any other danger. Other way to understand how IP outdoor cameras work, is to realize that videos recorded in it are fully coordinated and sent via the Internet. to say it in other words, your security camera and network will be strongly connected with each other.

•Usage: even if you purchase the best outdoor IP camera out there, unless you are able to use it properly, it will not be helpful at all. As we have already mentioned, IP cameras work on some kind of a network. This connection gives your camera many special features, for example IP address that is unique for every IP camera. This address will be linked to the network you are using and will have the certain location.

•Know the difference: one main difference you need to know is between the indoor and the outdoor setting and accordingly, security cameras. Depending on the setting you want to set your camera up in, IP cameras will have different features and functions that may be useful for one setting, but no for the other. So, when you are looking for an outdoor IP camera, remember that it should have functions that will work well outdoors, such as night vision, tilt, zoom and so on.

•Set up: as technologies are evolving further, it becomes easier to use them. With modern outdoor IP cameras, you won’t need any complicated processes and instructions to install the camera. You can even do it entirely on your own. The second thing to think about is support from the system you have. Most of the time, you want your security camera to be connected with your smartphone. Considering this, you need to makes sure that the outdoor IP camera has mobile support and will fit well with your existing network system.

Of course, there is so much more to outdoor IP cameras than this, but these are some basic things most people forget about.

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Different types of WiFi IP cameras

As there are many different types of security cameras, you need to choose more carefully than ever. There are so many things to consider, it might be confusing and quite a hassle to remember and keep track of. This is what we are here for, to help you determine why Wi-Fi IP cameras can be the best alternative for you.

•Indoor or outdoor: many types of security cameras are better in one setting or another. Meaning that they usually work better either outdoor or indoor. But this is not the case with Wi-Fi IP cameras, because they work without flaws in any setting. This might be because they become so popular, that professionals developed both type of Wi-Fi IP cameras. The only thing you really need is network and after that, you can simply rely on your security camera and let it do its work. So, no matter where you are going to use the camera, Wi-Fi IP camera is still an alternative for you.

•Wireless and its benefits: as time goes by, we get more and more used to things that are easy to use and require less effort from us. This is exactly how wireless cameras developed. First of all, they are the easiest type of security cameras to use and set up. Most of the time, you won’t need any help form installation teams and other people. Secondly, you will never get tangled up on wires ever again, so, you can forget about it. Also, you will never again will have to worry about how long the wire is and choosing the place of installation considering its length. WiFi IP cameras work everywhere, if there is network it can connect to.

•Why should you use security camera? – this is one of the most basic questions you need to answer before purchasing any type of security camera. As long as you are not sure, whether or not it will improve your current state, you will not be sure if it is the right decision or not. Security is becoming more and more important in this world. More people are securing and insuring their property and belongings. And in this situation, if you are the one who does not have any security system at home, you become more vulnerable to criminals. This might be seen as one reason to use security cameras. The second reason might be that it just lets you sleep tighter, without thinking about accidents that may happen to you.

Of course, there are many aspects you need to consider and think of, but at least, with this, you have something to start with. If you make up your mind about purchasing one for the security cameras, be sure to look deeper in its functions and features. Make sure that you compare different ones and choose the best match for your needs and personal tastes.

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Why should you purchase an IP security camera?

Choosing IP cameras and security cameras, in general, can be really tough as market has so much to offer. Most of the time, you might be confused which one suits you the best, how should you use it, is it useful or not at all? These questions are natural to ask and even when you are buying an IP camera, feel free to ask any questions to the consultant or the professional. More informed you are about the product you are buying, more likely it is for you to get the best match. So that this goal is reachable, we offer a small list of things you should consider in the decision making process.

•Purpose: first of all, ask yourself a question: what is the main reason why I am purchasing an IP security camera? We might have a lot to suggest to you, but this is the question you should answer on your own. Only after you have a clear answer to this question, you are ready to move further and start choosing what might be the best for you.

•What suits the purpose: now that you have a purpose, there is just one step left, to find out how to reach the goal, you set. For example, if you decided that you are mainly going to use the IP security camera for overviewing surrounding outdoors, you will not have to worry about megapixels and functions such as zoom in and tilt. But this is rarely the case, if you just want to overview the surrounding area, IP cameras might not be the wisest decision. Most of the time, you will need the security camera to stay safe. For this, you will need to be able to see details. So, resolution usually plays an important part in the process of buying an IP camera.

•Features and functions: the next thing you need to look at is what the camera is able to do and how much of it do you need. Sometimes, some IP cameras won’t have special features you may find useful. But it can be an opposite scenario, when you think you will need every function, but the reality is different. Here are some things that, most of the time, will be important to consider and know about: area of coverage, in other words angle of surveillance; megapixel and resolution; storage; control.; audio.

•Installation: those several steps, we listed above, are general steps you need to take to find what you are looking for. The last stage of it would be installing and setting it up. As IP cameras come in various different styles, it really depends on some features, how it is going to be installed. If the IP camera is wireless, than it will be fairly easy and quick to set it up, even by yourself. It can get a little more complicated with wired IP cameras. Considering this, find out whether or not you will need anybody else’s help.

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Amcrest Outdoor IP cameras

Have you been wondering how can you secure your house the most? Maybe, you should get an insurance. But this will only make the results change, after the accident has already happened, but will not lower the chance of theft, for example. What can really make an impact and make you will and be a lot more secure are outdoor IP cameras. In this article we are going to talk about when and why should you install outdoor IP cameras.

• In case of expected theft: you may ask, how can we expect theft? Well, do a little research. First of all, find out is the area you live in criminally active or not? If there are no official statistics, which is often the case, ask people who have been living in the area for quite some time, if they have ever heard any stories about house theft.

• Install it in a strategic place: usually, most of the outdoor IP cameras are installed by the front door, sometimes by the back door, too. It is the best if you install them in both places. If you don’t want your package to get stolen, or your front fence painted, you should install Outdoor IP cameras. Also, try to install it at the place, where it is not exposed to everyone’s eye, but the view from it is clean and wide. Sometimes, criminals will try to break the camera, before committing the crime and you should prevent your cameras from this fate.

• How will it help? First of all, thieves will avoid getting in the houses that are known to have security. Statistics show the same, too. Secondly, even if they still do, you will be able to see clearly, who did it, when it happened and if you are home, you will have time to prepare, or escape.

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How to Choose the Best Outdoor Wireless IP Security Cameras

A wireless outdoor security camera is quick and easy to install. Once it’s mounted, you’re ready to monitor, without any hassle of wiring.

The camera sends video to a receiver in your home or business wirelessly. The receiver connects to your TV, VCR, or digital video recorder (DVR), letting you view or record the video feed. A wireless IP camera (network camera) can also connect directly your computer network for recording directly to your computer’s hard disk.

What to look for in wireless outdoor security cameras

Make sure you plan out the way you will set up your system before you buy. Identify where you will mount your security camera and where you will place the receiver. You should experience no problem with signal loss if they are within 30-40 meters of each other, but this does depend on objects such as thick walls and ceilings.

If the distance between receiver and camera is more than that, you likely will need to extend your transmission range with a wireless card that plugs into a slot in your wireless outdoor security camera. This moves the antenna outside the camera, effectively extending the transmission range. Some wireless cameras come pre-built with powerful antennas for longer distances.

Another important thing to look for is reliability and durability for protection from the weather, from vandals, and from anything else that could damage or disable it. Make sure the housing for your camera is tamper resistant and weather resistant. It needs to be covered enough to shield you camera from the sun and sturdy enough to protect your camera from rain, hail, snow, sand, dust or vandals.

Check also that your wireless outdoor security camera is adequately protected against whatever extremes in temperatures are common in your area. If you live in a hot climate, you likely will need a built-in fan. Conversely, if you live in a cold climate, you’ll likely need a built-in heater. You can also purchase camera housing separately that will protect your camera for these environments.

Consider the light levels available for your outdoor security camera. A camera’s ability to operate in low light levels is measured by what is called the lux rating. The lower the lux rating, the less light the camera needs in order to transmit a clear picture.

If the light level is especially low, you may want to consider an infrared camera that provides excellent night vision. An infrared security camera is capable of transmitting clear video even in complete darkness.

What will wireless outdoor security cameras do for you?

The system you set up will give you peace of mind that you are deterring vandals and criminals. In doing so, you enhance the safety and security of your home and family or business. When you do that, you can also decrease your insurance payments because you are less likely to make future claims.

The beauty of an outdoor wireless security camera is that you accomplish all these with a system that is easy to install and manage and will benefit you for years to come.

For further home security articles, advice, and reviews on network cameras, spy cameras, night vision, baby monitors, and much more, visit: Outdoor IP Cameras.


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Why a Wireless IP Cameras Is Ideal For Outdoor Settings?

A wireless IP camera can boost surveillance on your business, home or remote property. It saves you from being there physically at all times to protect assets. This camera can detect motion and relay this information to the PC. It has in-built intelligence that enable it send alerts via text messaging or emails. As long as your browser has internet connection, it is possible to monitor activities around valued properties.

Types of wireless IP cameras

IP cameras range from simple basic home surveillance systems to complex federal government types. The purpose of a IP camera should determine a type you select for purchase. FOSCAM WiFi Network CCTV IR Waterproof Camera FI8904W is ideal for outdoor settings. It is installable in outdoor settings.

Its unique features

This camera has in-built microphone and speaker to record sounds. It has a motion detector alarm and can support phone viewing. Its functionality extends to night and day and requires no cable connections. The camera is waterproof, meaning that it can function normally even if it rains. It has high-sensitivity 1/4″ CMOS sensor of 300k pixels that can pick up movements and sounds. Above all, it has a video protocol processor that is powerful and operates at high speeds. This camera is a perfect choice for keeping a watchful eye over property in outdoor settings.

FOSCAM WiFi Network CCTV IR Waterproof Wireless Camera FI8904W is perfect at night. The camera has an auto IR-LED night vision of up to 60 feet. This can enable surveillance at night over a wide radius. Images can be viewed full screen or in snap shots. The beauty of it is that the camera allows for multi-level users management. A password is required to operate and access all recorded information in it.

This camera is easy to set up. This is because it has Friendly GUI and DIY installation. Remote surveillance is possible through a mobile phone as the system supports this. You can also view these images via iPhone and Smart phone. However, these should be able to support pda mobile or midp2.0 java mobile to allow this viewing.

The camera package

The wireless IP cameras comes loaded with a Wi-Fi antennae and a user manual. A network cable and mounting bracket are also available in the package. Apart from these, a CD (driver and tool) are included to aid in recording data during surveillance. Finally, there is a 5v DC power supply and mounting bracket to complete the package.


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Make A Wise Decision : Useful Tips on Buying Security Camera

Nowadays, more and more people tend to have home surveillance system to prevent attempts of vandalism or burglary. Some people want to feel safer with security cameras or they prefer to monitor the property when they are traveling. Because of the increased demand, modern market offers a wide range of options. IP cameras come with many different characteristics and features.  For a newcomer choosing a right camera that is able to fit all needs and requirements, can be quite a difficult thing to do. Here I will provide valuable advice on how to choose a great IP camera for you house.

Reactive System VS Proactive System

The first thing you should be looking when comparing different IP cameras are Reactive or Proactive surveillance systems. What is the difference between these two systems?

•Reactive System – this is the system which simply records the certain event. In other words, if you decide to purchase a security camera is reactive system it will start recording when it detects any kind of movement. For instance, if the camera will detect event trigger, like any kind of motion in the area where the camera is operating, you device will start recording.

•Proactive System – this kind of system connects with you if some unexpected even takes place in your house. For instance, if the camera will detect any kind of motion, for instance the door opens, your security camera will send an alert.  You can receive the alert by email, or message, it fully depends on your preferences.  Proactive cameras have an ability to connect you with the person who was detected in the area.

Choosing between reactive and proactive systems is fully up to your preferences. While proactive system offers higher level of safety, it also comes with higher price tag. So, before purchasing the camera make sure your are investing in the right thing!

Do I Need To Record Videos?

In many cases, people want to save the videos their security camera has recorded. To do so, you can use two methods. First, you can purchase NVR system and connect it to your security camera using a cable. Mostly, security cameras does not come with NVR system so you need to purchase this device separately. If you don’t want to many wires running all around the house, you have another option and it is called cloud system. How does the cloud system work? Mainly you just need to purchase certain amount of cloud storage. After that, you can connect the your security camera to the computer, smartphone or tablet. Videos will be automatically saved on your cloud system. You can record 24/7 or you can choose a certain time when your camera will save collected data on the cloud.

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Different types of IP cameras

Keeping your house safe and secured should be one of your top priorities. Fortunately, today technologies have evolved so that we don’t have to go through long and complicated process of installation and then checking the recordings. One of those modern security camera are IP cameras. This means that the camera works with the Internet protocol and transmits recordings and other date via network. There are many different types of IP cameras and not to get confused, you can simply follow this list:

  • Wired vs. wireless: choosing between these two is fairly easy, because difference is clear and it is easy to determine whether wired or wireless one will work better for you. As the name itself suggests, wired cameras are directly linked to the computer, or other device. Whereas wireless ones are linked to the network via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Both have their pros and cons. As wireless ones are a lot more portable and easy to move from one room to another, they might have poor connection and sometimes might even lose it. While wired IP camera is hard to move, but uses the network without any problems, so you are guaranteed a steady connection. Also, wireless IP cameras are easier to install, compared to wired ones.
  • Shape: shape plays an important role in surveillance cameras. There are two major types of IP security cameras: box and dome. You can easily tell from their names what the difference might be. Box cameras are sometimes called bullet cameras too, which means that they have longer shape and is pointed to one direction. As for the dome cameras, they are round in shape, usually get installed on the ceiling and is hard to determine in what direction it is looking. If you are looking for a security camera for outdoor use, dome IP camera will work better for you. For the indoor surveillance, choose the bullet one. The important difference can also be found between the viewing angle. As the box camera is pointed to one direction, it has lower percentage of coverage than dome cameras do. Light might me built-in for both types, but commonly dome cameras have better light. Also, you might need to know that it is harder to change lenses of the dome cameras, compared to the bullet ones.
  • Features: before you purchase IP security camera, make sure it has all the features you are looking for. This might include night vision, which means that it has built-in infrared lights that results in better imagine quality at night. Also, you should consider megapixels to be sure how clear the imagine will be. This is especially essential if you are looking for an outdoor security camera. Pay attention to other features like zoom, tilt, slow motion and so on. This part is individual for every buyer and depends on what you are looking for.

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An Introduction to IP cameras

Is it your first time buying modern home security camera? You must be excited, but chances are, you are confused. Security camera market offers so many different choices, that even for an experienced buyer, it is hard to choose from them. Let us clarify, in this article we are going to talk about one of the type of cameras – IP, Internet protocol security cameras. IP cameras are different from traditional CCTV analogue cameras and we will see how different they are.


First of all, what is an IP camera? As we have already said, IP cameras are Internet protocol cameras that work on network instead of electric signals as it happens in case of CCTV. IP cameras require connection to network and the central device. All the data will be directly sent and recording in this device. Market offers many different types of IP cameras. You can’t say that any of them are automatically the best or the worst. Choosing between them really depends on your individual preferences and needs.

Here are some details you need to know about IP cameras:

•Centralized vs. decentralized: IP cameras offer both operations. Some of them work in centralized mode, some in decentralized. If your IP camera is strong enough, they can also work in both modes at the same time. in fact, mostly these cameras have built-in computer systems, which makes it possible for a camera to work independently, without any additional device. This is what we call decentralized mode. In other cases, it is connected to some kind of a device, that controls it. It can be connected via Wi-Fi or directly with wire. At last, as we have already mentioned, some strong IP security cameras work simultaneously in both modes.

WiFi IP Camera3

• Four different types of IP cameras: types for these cameras differ in shape and accordingly, in features they offer. There are for major types: bullet, dome, turret, cube. As their names suggest, they have different shapes that makes them better or worse for specific kind of surveillance. Some are good for outdoor use and some for indoor. Their costs are also different and depend on the features they offer. Some have better quality of image and resolution is better, some are better for night vision and some are more flexible to use, as you can move them from one room to another.

This one, for example, is used for indoor security. It is easily portable and connects without any wires, so you can move it without any issues. Also, it is small in size.

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