Tips to Picking Out Your Next WiFi Security Camera

If you are looking for a wifi security camera, you may be quite impressed on the variety on cameras there are to choose from. You do not want to just pick one and go with it. You want to get a WiFi security camera that is going to work for you, your home or business. When looking for a WiFi security camera, check out Amcrest for a wide variety of selections to best meet your needs.

wifi security camera

Variety of Different WiFi Security Cameras Available

There are different types of WiFi security cameras that you can choose from, which include:

•    Infrared WiFi security cameras
•    Dome WiFi security cameras
•    Pro box WiFi security cameras
•    Pan tilt zoom WiFi security cameras
•    Hidden WiFi security cameras

Infrared WiFi Security Camera

Infrared WiFi security cameras are popular for both home and business use. The cameras offer a high resolution color video during the day. They are able to automatically switch from color to black and white depending upon the type of light available. They are great in both low-light or no-light situations. The amcrest security cameras can also be weatherproofed and can withstand extreme temperatures.

Dome WiFi Security Camera

Domed cameras offer an additional degree of surveillance because people cannot actually see where the lens of the camera is actually pointing. The smoked cover on the cameras does not affect its picture quality in any way. You get a clear color high resolution picture with the camera.

Pro Box WiFi Security Camera

These security cameras are known for their high video quality. These security cameras are found in grocery stores, banks, convenience stores, department stores, and the like.  The lenses can be switched depending upon the viewing angle and zoom that is needed. The cameras can be switched from color during the day to black and white in the evening.

Pan Tilt Zoom WiFi Security Camera

These cameras can be controlled through a DVR, remote viewing software or a joystick. The cameras can go up, down, left and right. The cameras also have capability to zoom in and out. They can be programmed to look at certain areas at certain times of the day. You will find these types of cameras at airports, casinos and large-scale department stores. These are not cheap cameras but they will get the job done.

Hidden WiFi Security Camera

These are the top-notch security cameras. They are used in areas where you do not want someone to know there is a camera. The cameras may look like clocks, smoke detectors and such. These cameras offer a low level of performance in low light and are not weatherproof. You will find these cameras in hotels, pharmacies and homes.
Analog, AHD, HD-SDI, HD-CVI, HD-TVI and IP WiFi Security Cameras

You should always look for a security camera that offers a high resolution, so you know you are getting superior quality. Infrared weatherproof bullet cameras are most popular security cameras for outdoor use. Dome cameras are the most popular type of security camera for indoor use.

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